Athletic Performance Optimization

As an athlete your performance is put to the test every day, and we can optimize your performance by creating personalized programs.


Dr. Dawson played two sports in college and understands what you go through. Dr. Mike Mallin who has completed numerous ultra distance races and trains as hard as anyone.  Dr. Mark Goodman is an elite level mountain biker who happen to be sports medicine fellowship trained. Dr. Key is a 7 time NAIA all-American in track and knows that it takes to get to an elite level.  As Chief of Surgery at Ft. Knox and on combat missions he worked to optimize soldiers performance whose lives depended on it.  They understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to your training and nutrition simply makes no sense. Everyone responds differently to different foods, movements, and supplements. This is based on your genetics and other environmental factors, so that’s where we start.


Once we have a complete picture of your genetics, hormone levels, lab values, microbiome, and current fitness level we can develop a personalized, precision plan for optimizing your performance.  We do this by starting with a personalized supplement, nutrition, training, and sleep program.



Different athletes respond better to different programs and need different amounts of recovery as well. We can determine that with your genetic testing and through precisely tracking your response using wearables.  Sleep tracking and being cognizant of your heart rate variability and AM resting heart rate can give you a tremendous edge when training. You can know before you get an illness in order to prevent it or when you’re going too hard and need to add recovery to prevent an overuse injury. We can teach you how.  


You also may need supplementation with certain vitamins, minerals, or hormones.  Going hard every day can lead to imbalances that need to be identified and corrected, as can certain single nucleotide polymorphisms that we can test for.  For example, with a simple genetic test we can identify enzyme production and activity that will lead us to add or delete certain supplements like vitamin D and folate, which can greatly affect your performance.


Finally, we are super geeks when it comes to human performance potential and pushing the limits and we’ll be recommending cutting edge technology when appropriate.  It may be neuropriming with the Halo Sport or Whoop or Oura device for fitness tracking so we can meticulously follow your progress and make adjustments.  We’re constantly beta testing such devices and training methods and will share our findings with you.


Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, let us give you an edge.  We won’t turn you into Lebron James, but we’ll certainly turn you into the best, optimized version of yourself.

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