Lori Rivera, ND

As an American Naturopathic Medical Association Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Lori believes in combining the wisdom of nature with the precision of modern science. Naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic, proactive prevention, combined with comprehensive testing / diagnosis and treatment. By utilizing protocols that minimize the risk of harm, Lori works diligently with patients to facilitate the body's inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health and wellness. It is her passion as well as her mission to identify and remove barriers to good health by helping patients to create a healing internal, as well as external environment.

Naturopathic Doctor Code of Ethics

Along with the Hippocratic oath, the “modern” health practitioner or naturopath must abide by the following oath:
1. In the presence of my peers and the people here on this day, I hereby conform to the declaration of human rights, in accordance with the fundamental principle of respect for human beings. I vow to commit to the following oath:
2. I shall listen to others while accompanying them in their quest for health, well-being and the proper upkeep of their vital force.
3. I shall respect and be greatly tolerant towards the way of life, culture and belief of each person who requests my assistance.
4. I shall promote the development of the patient’s sense of responsibility, while not encouraging feelings of guilt towards illness.
5. I shall use all the natural therapeutic and non-violent means available to help the patient find the path to true health, i.e., means that are in accordance with the natural order of life and adapted to his or her specific situation.
6. I shall at all times seek the meaning and causes of suffering, which I shall strive to ease to the best of my abilities.
7. I shall love others and not seek to manipulate them.
8. In all circumstances, I shall refuse to participate in actions or schemes aiming to harm or
destroy life in all its forms.
9. I shall practice naturopathic care with purity, knowledge, devotion and discretion, in a form that is devoid of mercantilism or the exploitation of distress and disarray in the face of illness.
10. I shall remain humble while striving to outdo myself in order to improve my knowledge and skills.
11. Professional secrecy will always prevail and I shall show the greatest consideration towards the people who confide in me.
12. I shall strive to share my knowledge with others, so that I may humbly but effectively contribute to the material, moral and spiritual evolution of our civilization.
13. I shall devote time to teaching the rules of healthy living and good physical, mental and spiritual hygiene, as well as balanced eating habits.
14. To the best of my abilities, I shall strive to help elaborate a natural preventive and curative health policy that respects all life.
15. I shall strive to become a living example of the modern naturopathic doctrine, through my words, actions and general daily behavior.
16. If I fail to respect my oath and commitment, society shall hold me accountable for my actions and errors.

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