IV Glutathione, NAD +, Vitamins and Nutrients

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and detoxificant.  We live in a toxic world and are constantly bombarded by heavy metals, toxins in our food and water, endocrine disrupting chemicals in our food containers, volatile organic compounds in our paint, furniture, and mattresses, as well as many other poisons.  Our body has a difficult job keeping up with the elimination of these ever present toxins. You can give it a massive boost by increasing the level of this key, master detoxificant via an IV infusion. How often you should get this will depend on your nutrition, lifestyle, and general toxin burden.


NAD + is an essential building block for energy that powers every one of the over 30 million cells in your body.  It decreases over time as we age, but it can be replenished via IV infusion to enhance muscle recovery and to increase energy and slow aging.


Your ancient paleolithic ancestors ate a varied diet of hundreds of different wild plants chock full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy phytochemicals, while the average american eats less than 10 varieties of domesticated vegetables that have many fewer life giving nutrients. Depending on your diet you may need to add supplements to accomplish the same level of nutrient density as your ancestors.


We also offer IV vitamin C, Magnesium, B12 shots, and other vitamins that may be needed to optimize your health.  Your needs when it comes to these medications is going to be just as personalized as the rest of your care.  Let us guide you.

Recommended daily allowances and “normal levels” of key vitamins and minerals are established to prevent disease, not optimize performance.  We will do complete testing for all vitamins and minerals and then work with you to “optimize” levels through diet and supplementation. The goal is to decrease supplementation over time through work with a nutritionist who can help you get closer to an optimal diet for your biology.  

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